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Make sure your text is easy to read and doesn't look like a sequel to the Tolstoy's War and Peace novel.
Before you start writing your post, ask yourself, "Why am I writing this?"
Writing a self-introduction post may seem to be a simple task, but, in practice, there are certain requirements that should be met. Otherwise your post will look much like any other tale people tell about themselves on the Internet.

Before you start writing your post, ask yourself, "Why am I writing this?" Indeed, what is the purpose? What exactly do you want to tell your readers? Show how professional you are? What is it you want your audience to do after reading your post? Make a purchase? Contact you again? Become a faithful reader?

Now that you've decided on your goals, what's next?

Let's take a look at the major components that make a good self-presentation post.

  1. What's your greeting message?

Etiquette rules apply everywhere. Greet your readers, and you'll come across as a friendly, approachable person. If your post is targeted at a particular audience, for instance, vapers or lounge-music lovers, you may want to greet them accordingly. Win your readers' hearts at first words.

2. Who are you exactly?

This is where you should give SPECIFIC details about who you are and what you do. Be as brief and concise as possible. Don't start by telling readers about your lifelong dream of drawing in 4D, your degree in psychology, and how you found your way back to your calling. Readers will just find themselves lost. Start with "I'm a copywriter...", or "I'm a psychologist specializing in women's anxiety disorders in metropolitan areas." The point is that there be clarity on your presentation. For instance, business author and copywriting strategist Maya Bogdanova suggests that you draw a segment from the starting point A to the end point B. How will you reach the end point? What will you speak about?

3. What have you accomplished?

Tell readers how you did it. Again, don't expatiate. Who do you work for? Who's your target audience? Why should a reader contact you, and not your competitors? In our experience, this is the most difficult part. Once you answer all these questions to yourself, it will be easier to understand the direction you're heading.

4. What are your benefits?

How exactly can you be of use? Here, the best option would be case studies, in a 'before-and-after' format. Give a couple of good examples and speak about how clients have benefited from your services. Such stories have a way greater impact on the readers than lofty words about your mission. Although highlighting your mission and values is is important, too. Since your business is a reflection of you, it would make sense to reinforce the bare facts by telling readers who you are, what's your passion, what you'll never do, etc.

5. Special offer.

Imagine that I'm a "freezing cold" customer. It's the first time I'm reading about you, and you've got little time to demonstrate your expertise and the benefits of the service you offer. How do you get me interested in your service? This may be a special discount, a welcome bonus, or enhanced support in the first month.

6. Contact details.

At first glance, it appears simple: just give your contacts and that's it. But, no.Be sure to specify the shortest and, preferably, one-step way of connecting with you. A typical mistake is to only provide WhatsApp or any other social network messenger. Imagine how complicated things may be for a client who doesn't use this particular instant messenger app: saving your number into the contacts, downloading the app (if possible) and finally contacting you. That's why it's worth providing multiple communication channels for people with different communication preferences.

So, your self-introduction post is ready. Reread it, cut off the unnecessary details, read aloud if necessary. Make sure your text is easy to read and doesn't look like a sequel to the Tolstoy's War and Peace novel.

Sincerely, Elmira Isyanova.
Editor-in-chief at PRtoday, founder of the Writaholic copywriting school

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