Social media marketing: brands promotion
Let's have a look how it can be done in Instsgram, Facebook and Vkontakte
I mean different life hacks, pieces of advice or even secrets, which are divided into rubrics, which always have names.
Social networks have pushed back mass media and basically turned into them. Social media took the position and multi-million audience proves that. Brands took that into account and made the decision to launch the PR-campaigns in the environment. Let's have a look how it can be done in Instаgram, Facebook and Vkontakte:


Instagram — one of the most popular services for promoting business. This free application has been made to share creative photos and «juicy» video clips. The basis of the platform is its aesthetic. To promote accounts, brands are to do the following:

● publish content in the same style

This approach attracts customers' attention. If the business is focused on girls (for example, show-rooms, beauty salons or cosmetics), they will fall in love with your brand. And hopefully will make an order and become regular customers. As for men, visualization is also important, however, detail discription is more important.

● follow the principle of informative and entertaining texts

I mean different life hacks, pieces of advice or even secrets, which are divided into rubrics, which always have names. The client appears only when they need something, can benefit from that or interested in that. The task of the brand is to proof that its product is the very best. If it deals with fur coat then it is worth writing about the ways of taking care of them or wearing them. One can also make a selection of funny anecdotes about that. Humor makes things easier.

● post unique tags on the issue on the subject and geolocation

If brands post the tags, it will increase the chances to attract customers. If hashtags are too popular, photos will slide downwards and, as a result, a brand will get minimum profit. For that reason brands are advised to use unique tags, which will make the produce be popular for a long time. And be on the top.

● shooting stories

Few people like commercial accounts. Majority goes for "live" pages. It's important to show your team, your process of making things and toys (depending on what you actually do), backstage footages. Your openness will please potential clients and will help them make decisions. Most likely the decision will be in your favour.

● arranging contests and collaborations

You should arrange both individual contests and the ones in collaboration with other brands (bloggers). Various prize drawing always leads to the users' activity increase on your pages.

P/S Also, don't forget to interact with other bloggers, artists and people who form public opinion. You can cooperate with them on commercial or on a barter basis. Option one is more preferable. For them. But you should aim for the option two.

Another key point is targeted advertising. It provides high efficiency as it's aimed at a certain group of people who might be interested in your product.


If your target audience is mostly using this social network than your promotion campaign should also take place here.

● link your Instagram-page

Set up your Instagram account so that it could automatically post in other social networks (cross-posting). In our case it's Facebook. If by some reasons these two accounts are not related to one another and you want to produce some othere content on Facebook than you may do it either manually or through postponed posting (please, draw your attention to the Hootsuite social media management platform).

● merge your group and your page

Some people may not be aware that they own a group (not only a page). They need to be informed about it. What for? To increase the audience reach.

● add some pictures of your product

Photo-content always attracts attention to the brand profile in a social network. Thus a potential customer can see what you sell.

P/S Track your statistics and see who visited your page, and who your target audience consists of. Pin the coolest posts at the top of your page. Arrange contests. Offer discounts. Buy ads.


Is your product aimed at the youth? Come in, then! The basic principles are the same as in other social networks BUT

● post via large communities

It actually does work. The reach of the audience is wider, the probability that the client will "reach" you is higher.

P/S Interact with your audience. Communicate with it, stay online. If a comment appears be sure to reply to it immediately. Share your cases (ex. set a goal and then after some time tell people how you have reached it) and don't forget about advertising (it's our everything as the saying goes).

By Yuliya Krasilnikova, journalist/PR-manager

I most especially thank Maria Sveshnikova and Max Taranenko for their great help!
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